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We Offer FREE syndicated radio programmes, independently produced and presented weekly from studios in the UK.

The Lovezone

The Love Zone A show which plays the very best love songs and classic love ballads which have stood the test of time.

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We Offer FREE syndicated radio programmes, independently produced and presented weekly from studios in the UK. It’s perfect for professional broadcast, internet, or even community and small-scale radio stations and can be market exclusive. It’s a superb variety mix of tried and tested classics, combined with just the right balance of spicy rarities that will set your schedule alight with energy and passion for the era. So if you love the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or great Love songs you will love our Radio shows.

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Vinyl Days is a Radio show with music from the 1960`s through to the 1990`s. 52 Weeks a year we play you the best classic hits anywhere. Music that makes you feel good, and make you think back to some great days in your life. Also you can contact us in many ways to get your songs played that mean a lot to you. Like Us On Facebook Or Email the studio from here We also have the 3 in a row quiz, a double play and a weekly riddle in the show as well. Also we take you back with our top 3 of the past it could be from any year from 1960 right through to 1989 There is also 3 Classic love songs back to back. Oldies FM had been running for over 6 years on FM and Internet Radio Stations Worldwide. But changed its name in September 2013 to Vinyl Days


The Love Zone Radio Show The Love Zone. It’s the show which plays the very best Love songs- Both Classic love ballads Which has stood the test of time, Together with more contemporary hits – songs which could be future Classics. Romantic and classic songs that mean so much too so many The love zone started off as 3 songs back to back on the old oldies FM show 6 years ago And seemed to grow from there So 5 years ago the 1-hour love zone was born and is heard worldwide every week. What we do is take feel good love songs and mix them with some chat and you have a great hour of radio to chill out to.

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